Author Topic: Games Of The Non-Tabletop Variety  (Read 688 times)


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Games Of The Non-Tabletop Variety
« on: September 08, 2016, 03:56:42 PM »
So, since there's a HUGE sale going on with Steam regarding Focus's catalogue (which includes a lot of Games Workshop tie-ins, hence my elaborate segue) I figure now's the time to throw out the question:

What'cha playing? Hidden gems, golden oldies, obscure indie titles or big bold AAA-titles, if you're playing it, let's rant about it.

Right now I'm just coming to the close of Hard West and I honestly can't recommend it enough if you're into that genre, or if you enjoyed XCOM but felt the RNG side of thigns was kinda bullshit. The way they get around this is with 'Luck', which erodes each time you're shot at, meaning you're likely to dodge a shot if you have your Luck intact, but even the most desperate pot-shot will help make an enemy easier to hit later on.

It's such a great little twist to the concept of chance-to-hit and I wish more games would implement it.

Plus, you know, it's touched on everything from the Antichrist to Frankenstein by way of Lovecraftian Horror, so there's that, too.


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Re: Games Of The Non-Tabletop Variety
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2016, 04:06:59 PM »
the RNG side of thigns was kinda bullshit

I've been playing a lot of Warframe. RNGesus is a cruel master.

On the RNG-less side of things, though, I've been playing a lot of Space Engineers with Kevin, too.
. o O (I think I must agree with Sliss. The "Fat Chance" would have been a perfect name for our ship.)