Author Topic: The Drunk and Ugly Community AP Site is Live!  (Read 964 times)


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The Drunk and Ugly Community AP Site is Live!
« on: June 21, 2016, 10:22:05 AM »
Hey everybody!  It took a while but I finally set up a proper Wordpress for the Community Actual Play:

I've gone to the effort of archiving most of the things presently posted in the Community AP thread to this site.  If you want to post community AP recordings, just PM me with your email address and preferred username and I'll set up an author account for you.  If you have posts that have been migrated to the community site, I will update them so that your account is the author.

We cannot presently host media files for you (we have enough stuff on our server right now that our host is getting kind of mad at us), but over the past couple years people have hosted content on Dropbox and  In my archiving of the older community posts I found that any site that allows for direct linking can be used with powerpress.

This message is repeated in the community AP boards with some basic instructions on posting but I figured I would also put an announcement here to make it more visible.
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