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General Discussion / Re: Secret Annual Gift Exchanger Thing
« on: December 25, 2016, 10:52:14 PM »
Nice Sab! I got an audio book of The book of lost things. :D

General Discussion / Re: Secret Annual Gift Exchanger Thing
« on: December 21, 2016, 05:46:10 PM »
Sent. Super late, but sent.

General Discussion / Re: Secret Annual Gift Exchanger Thing
« on: December 07, 2016, 01:41:50 PM »
Message gotten.

General Discussion / Re: Introduction Thread
« on: November 07, 2016, 09:58:21 PM »
Who: Roy, AKA Chibi from the last version of the site. Went by a new name for the sake of keeping my accounts a little more connected. Kinda making a new name for myself too.
What: College student, in the job search. I write a little, not as much as I used to, and I game a lot.
When: I can drink now, so that's a thing.
Where: Edge of the Mojave.
Why: Friend in High school recommended the DnU to me, so I gave them a listen and found something I didn't know I was missing.

General Discussion / Re: Secret Annual Gift Exchanger Thing
« on: November 07, 2016, 09:50:17 PM »
Books: Wheel of time, Dresden files, anything that may be a good read. Audio books are the best.
RPGs: Monsters, Dresden files, DnD, WoD,
Movies: Been getting into more interesting things. Favorite movie is Kubo and the two strings.
Videogames: Final Fantasy 14, Megaman, Touhou, Overwatch, Arma, Killing floor 2...I could go on for a while.
Interests:I'm big into writing and some graphic design. Most of what I look for is new, interesting things though. Last time I was a part of this, I got a Catman costume (Hat and cape) Which was awesome.

Forum Roleplaying / Re: We are our Avatars
« on: November 01, 2016, 01:40:26 AM »
Spoiler: show
Between preparing to move, school, and a new job, I'm surprised I hadn't totally forgot about this rp. Sorry about that guys. -w-;

Jack's thoughts had wandered from the conversation long before the two had started going at it, gently smoking his pipe and watching a spot on the wall, where a stone had a pit in the center, like someone drove a pointed bit at it and cut a groove. He thought about how he had been the first here, and how he had wandered to find the Inn through pure chance, right when he was at the edge of death.

'What a wonderful time that had been.' He thought and put a hand on his shoulder, wincing at the fresh burst of pain that shot through his chest and up to his neck.  Pain brought his thoughts back to reality to hear something about 'boning' at which he tuned out again. Bad puns had a way of doing that for him.

Thoughts went to the exploration of the place, the land, the lake. There was a lot of things that just didn't make sense about this place, but some of it just felt right, leaving him more and more confused at what this was supposed to be.

His mind was wrenched from the thoughts of the past when he heard the snapping of the chair against the wall. He pulled himself from the chair, scanning the room like he was about to deck something, silver glowing blades springing from his wrists. The energy pulsed, giving the same sense of security from the supernatural as Sab had felt before.

When he noticed it was just Sab who broke a chair, he relaxed, the blades vanishing. " Do I want to know why you're breaking furniture?" He asked, taking the pipe in his hand as his gauntlets vanished again.

Forum Roleplaying / Re: We are our Avatars
« on: October 17, 2016, 03:07:35 PM »
Jack instantly felt the regret of his actions, not even having to see the eyes of the skull as it calmly threatened him. He cursed his impulsiveness and added this to the list of 'dumb things he did that got him into a world of trouble. Of course, his magic would work differently here. What the hell was he thinking?  "I...I wasn't thinking...I'm sorry." He said before pulling himself to his feet and following behind the skeleton, taking it slow and breathing deeply.

Jack simply took a seat in one of the other chairs by the fire, the farthest one from them, closest to the door. He looked back to a mirror he had set atop a bookshelf, letting him see the arch that led to the main room, where the stairs were. He took a breath, happy to see it still in place and still pointed in the right direction. No need to leave his back open when in a place like this.

Seeing Emma and Sab start talking, He took a pipe from the table next to him, took a pinch of smoking herbs from a pouch next to where the pipe had sat and tapped it down. A small snap and one gauntlet vanished, leaving his hand free to strike a match. This was his way of clearing his head, smoking the mint scented herb from his home.

Forum Roleplaying / Re: We are our Avatars
« on: October 17, 2016, 02:53:28 AM »
Spoiler: show
Bit frazzled and panicky, but alright aside from that. One more presentation. Seems I went a little...well, Gm'y, not to mention lengthy, here. Sorry about that! Sab, feel free to say the clothing is whatever our skinny friend would be most comfortable in.

Watching the skeleton move to the body and try and re-attach his head was something to chuckle about, a sight that Jack could never take seriously. When he was back in control, Jack nodded and gave him a smile. "Hm....Looks like a good fit, but that outfit makes me want to throw you into a trash can. Let's see if I can whip you up something better..." He mumbled and closed his eyes, trying to concentrate for a moment. A breath shuttered out of his mouth, and something about the man changed. His aura, presence, or whatever you would call it, shifted as he let the breath go. When he opened his eyes, it was a physical change as well. "Let's hope I'm not as rusty as I think I am."

The sclera of his eyes glowed with an unnatural, almost ghostly azure like someone had taken a gem, rounded it, and fit it with a single ring of chocolate brown and point of obsidian. The blue showed him more than the eye could see normally, looking into the soul of the land. He made a point of looking up, never letting his eyes stray below looking straight ahead of him. One clawed hand reached out, snagging something as if he was grabbing a length of string from Sab's shirt. A pulling Sab would feel with his whole being, something attached to the core of his existence being pulled.

Then it would become visible, strands of thread, connected back to Sab from where Jack hooked his finger. The light from it was beautiful, giving an illusion of color where there was none, much like a polar bear's fur.

Jack moved his hands, relearning a tool he had once used for a living, the metal claw like thimbles on his fingers allowing him to pull threads from the whole like they had always been different parts.  Pulling them around each other, making patches, lengths, weaves, and stitches, Jack worked. After a time, he looked from his work to the thread and held his arm far from his body, fingers of his fist towards Sab, as a blade formed from the back of his gauntlet.

Glowing with dull brown energy, a pattern formed, a spike down the gauntlet connected to the first blade, like the silhouette of helmet connecting to spiral, which spread to a broken crescent moon, hollowed in the center of the blade. From the moment the blade formed, it felt...wrong. Like disease given form, the blade resonated a desire, to infect, to spread, to cause suffering, pain, and agony.

And then it was gone, replaced by another blade. This one glowing with dull gray energy, a T-shaped cross, formed with the center over Jack's fist, the wings spread out like cross guards, and the tail down to a point past his fist, the blades growing into curved diamond shapes at the end, flanked by a smaller cross, similar to a boar spear. Two smaller prongs came from the cross guard, looking almost as if they were there to catch, and break weapons caught in them. Unlike the death radiated by the last blade, this one felt almost like it was a grounding force. Something based in reality, in science, to stand against myths and monsters.

Jack raised the blade, swinging it down against the length of thread, one side retreating to Sab's body, the other snapping to his weave, causing the entire thing to shutter and spasm as his blade vanished, and eyes returned to normal. While jack stood and blinked a few times, a new outfit fell from midair, into his hands, before he slumped against the wall of the hall, looking like he had just run a marathon. "Holy," He started, taking a moment to fill his lungs with air, "hell. That was... a lot harder than it normally is." He almost wheezed, holding the clothing he had made for Sab.

Forum Roleplaying / Re: We are our Avatars
« on: October 15, 2016, 02:31:10 PM »
Spoiler: show
Yaaaaaaay midterms.

"Considering my life as of before I came here, I'm pretty sure that tragedy is one way to put it." He chuckled then blinked when Sab took a verbal back step. "All I'm going to say is before they became the embodiment of death, they were a pretty good looking girl, and tends to keep that look."

Of course, the skeleton walking out of the room, wearing something he would expect from a prank didn't seem to help the flow of conversation. "Wow...I don't think I have the sarcasm needed to make this any funnier. Emma is going to die laughing from this when she sees."

Forum Roleplaying / Re: We are our Avatars
« on: October 09, 2016, 05:02:31 PM »
"Least I have something to play with still." Jack smirked, snarking right back to him. "It's a pretty specific subset that I'm good at really. I can work with my own soul to do nearly anything from make clothing, to weapons to...well anything I can think of." He explained.

"Ugh...Death is no fun. I remember doing that a few times...but I think the reaper had a crush on me or something because they always let me go with the promise of a few favors." He chuckled, then went silent when Sab spoke up. "Yeah I did. Sounds like it came from down the hall..." He mumbled, walking farther down the hall, towards the noise.

Forum Roleplaying / Re: We are our Avatars
« on: October 09, 2016, 02:50:22 PM »
Jack had trouble keeping himself from snickering from the skull bad use of metaphor. "You're fine, I still understand what you mean." He said and waved his hand, before grabbing a railing, going up the first of many sets of stairs. When he talked about losing innocence, Jack winced a little. He knew enough about that to keep from commenting on it.

"Not exactly. I never had the magical aptitude for being a real mage. I was more the hack and slash guy." He chuckled, miming a sword in his hand. "Though I found out I was pretty adept at magic of the soul. Those threads were bits of mine." He said and sighed. "I have a bad of habit to mess with it when I get nervous or deep into thought."

Forum Roleplaying / Re: We are our Avatars
« on: October 08, 2016, 03:21:21 PM »
"Yeah, I can do that Emma. There are books over by the fire place , and I made sure there is a lot of fire wood if you want to light it. Everything is open to you, so take what you need." Jack said, taking Sab's skull by the back of the head and holding it up, like it was a goblet. "Come on Sab, let's get you mobile." He said and walked out, casting one more glance back at Emma before taking the skull out of the room.

"You alright Sab? You were really getting heated there." Jack said as he took the skull up the stairs, into the endless hall. His free hand kept messing with the threads till he reached for the door, when he noticed them and forced them to vanish before moving into the hall with the skull.

Forum Roleplaying / Re: We are our Avatars
« on: October 05, 2016, 07:44:14 PM »
Jack just watched them for a few moments, letting this play out. He wasn't actually sure how to react to the two of them bickering. It had been a few months since he had even seen another person, let alone two, and it took a bit for his idea of what it meant to be social to kick him in the back of the head. When it did he sighed and put the mug down audibly. "Relax, both of you. We're stuck here for the moment, no matter what we actually do or say, so getting at each other's throats isn't going to do a whole lot. Let's worry about doing what we can, and save the thinking for after." He said, his voice in a calm steady tone as he got the feeling that he was falling back into his old shoes. He was never really one to take sides on an argument. He just did what he did, and what he thought was right.

After giving the two of them a small glare, he folded his arms over his chest and took a deep breath, then shifted, stroking his stubble with the metal claws on one hand, the other pulling what looked like purple, brown, and black strings of light out of the air. He seemed to be doing some kind of one handed cat's cradle with his free hand. "Alright, giving it a moment to rest, both of you are right. Emma, figuring out how we got here may help us figure out how to get out of here, but that can wait for a bit. We have food, water, and anything else we could need here, so we're not in a whole lot of danger there. I know how to fight, so we're not in danger on the off chance that something comes out of the forest looking for a fight again." Jack said, using the hand that had been stroking his chin to emphasise points. "Sab is right in that knowing that won't do us much good until we figure out more about this place and how it works. I suggest we try and find the rest of him before we do anything else.

"If you can feel your body Sab, that's good, cause if we were just looking for something in a room or something, then we would have a problem. When I told Emma about the rooms, I said that they were in 'the hall of infinite bedrooms." He said, taking a serious tone. "I wasn't kidding. I spent three days walking down that hall and never once reached a point where the rooms, or halls, ended. They just lead up to another flight of stairs, then on more." He explained, twirling a finger in a spiral. "Untill I wanted to turn back, when a door opened to a staircase that led me back here, behind the counter in the front. Straight out of a hidden passage that sealed itself up again after I stepped out."

Jack hoped that getting them focused on a problem would stop their bickering, and perhaps get them to work together. It helped him for sure, keeping his mind off what Sab had been talking about. He didn't want to think too much on that one, in case he had been right about what he said. As he thought about it even for a moment, his hand with the glowing threads moved faster, almost as if it was trying to put the threads together into something.

Forum Roleplaying / Re: We are our Avatars
« on: October 05, 2016, 03:52:22 AM »
" I dunno, I'll try it if I ever start really looking." He said and gave her a simple man's smile. The kind of smile that only a man happy in his place in life could give. "I've tried that. I have about seven or eight maps of the surrounding mile, each telling me different things, different, contradictory things. " He said and took a long drink from his mug. "This place liked to shift on me once or twice a week, but only after I had a map of the surrounding mile done, or near enough to it to finish without going out again. I would swear something was messing with me, if I was back home. All I know for sure, is the in is here, and half a mile back, there is a lake. Nothing else stays the same."

Forum Roleplaying / Re: We are our Avatars
« on: October 04, 2016, 04:02:09 PM »
"Kinda what I did back then. If there was adventure to have, relics to touch, or things to be messed with, I was the one to do it." Jack said proudly. "Even saved the world a couple of times. It was a pretty interesting life. As for the portal, It was your basic swirling vortex beyond the comprehension of mortal men and women. I thought it would lead me into some kinda alternate plane or some demi-plane with a castle to explore, but it just dropped me above the lake in the forest behind the Inn. Well, far above the, brace for impact far above."

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