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Show Discussion / Ask and you shall recieve: Rogue Trader is BACK!
« on: February 20, 2017, 12:17:50 PM »
I had no idea you guys were planning to go back to this system and setting but I'm so glad you did! Setup seems nice so far, I like the kinda in media res start with the trial. Characters seems good, interested to see where the first mission will go with that cliffhanger.

Also Max and anyone else, I know way too much about 40k despite never having played the TT so if you want to ask something lore related I'm always happy to answer  :D

Show Discussion / Dark Heresy campaign discussion
« on: December 12, 2016, 03:02:34 AM »
Since there wasn't a thread up for this campaign which I really enjoy I thought I'd make one to delve deeper into the darkness our acolytes find themselves in.

First off I'm stoked to see more 40k from DnU and do I think the setting and flavour is captured really well, both my GM and pkayers (such as "We will all die just hope you are the Emperors grace when you do"). I'm also curious if this is still pre-gen adventures or not? Feels like things are flowing more naturally now than in the beginning so if it's still pre-gen it's hidden very well.

Is it a conscious decision to not have any downtime with yhe crew? So far it's straight from the last mission to next with little room for non-mission interaction between the PCs.

Show Discussion / 7TH Sea BD Special: The Hotsprings Episode
« on: August 27, 2016, 01:43:00 AM »
Since James refused to give it to us I decided we needed on anyway. I apologize in advance to the players for this horrible misuse of your characters.

”How kind of the city to let use the baths for helping them with the Uvitenhet case”
“Especially after how you tried to run away from the investigators Francesca-chan”
“I was just afraid that they might not look past my heritage and throw me straight into a cell, it could have taken ages to clear my name from there!”
“That aside, these baths are nothing like one in my homeland. We usually house them indoors, with a lot more steam going around”
“Oh come now, these springs seem just fine…*ahh~* How delightful to finally get some real warmth I this place.”
“Come join us Anne-san before you get a cold! What are you even doing over there?”
“Ja ja, I’ll be there in just a bit. It’s just that ze pumping mechanism for these baths are most interesting…I wonder how they deal with potential overpressure in ze pipes?”
“Oh that’s right Francesca-chan, I have these rare oils from the Crescent that I’ve been saving just in case we ever found a decent bath around here, perhaps you’d allow me to try my exotic massage knack?”

-Meanwhile on the men’s side of the bathhouse, the sound of the flesh of reality being torn apart can be heard-

“What in the bloody hell are you doing using that magic stuff here captain?”
“Well Mr. Declan, a true captain can’t let any opportunity slip away from him”, Valentin answers as he brings out his puzzle sword and more importantly, its grappling hook.
“Don’t say I didn’t warn ya”, Declan shrugs and takes a swig from the bottle he smuggled past the changing rooms.

-After much shouting from the women’s side followed by a muffled gunshot, a groggy Valentin can be found floating in the steaming waters next to Declan, an impressive bruise on his forehead-

“You’re lucky Anne had worked on that new, bean-bag was it? Or you might have found yourself with more than just an ugly face for a few days captain”


I've finally been able to register on these new forums (for some reason the previous platform wouldn't send me any password reset mails) so I can finally express my love of your podcast.

I think I discovered your show from RPPR ( when you played the Boiling Point kickstarter demo. Since then I've listened to many, many of your shows with the perhaps glaring exception of Mrs Frieda's and Prominence. My absolute favourite though would be the EoE campaign, I've re-listened to it now three times (SlissXDJ is way too adorable!). Other top ones would be Rogue Trader (2 times re-listened), Eclipse Phase and Happiest Waste on Earth which I just finished.

You've brought me many, many laughs over the time I've followed you and you've made my somewhat lonely morning job a whole lot more enjoyable. Everyone on the cast from the subtly witty Kevin (that EoE holiday special had my unable to sit straight from laughing too much) to the rambunctious Manda (the rest not forgotten of course!) are enjoyable to listen to and overall your group dynamic are great no matter the make-up of the current AP.

So thank you again for a great show and I hope to be able to join you on many more adventures in the future!

P.S. Will there ever be more EoE? That Mon Calamari tease makes not knowing even worse.

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